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[Oil Extraction Plant] Capsicum red pigment extraction equipment[ 2017-07-11]
The main ways of extracting capsicum red pigment is oil soluble way, solvent extraction way and supercritical extraction way. Oil soluble way, the separation of oil and pigment is difficult, difficult to get a thick pigme...
[Oil Extraction Plant] Pyrethrum Extraction Equipment[ 2017-07-11]
Pyrethrum ester is a kind of broad spectrum insecticide that can prevent a variety of insect pests .Its insecticidal toxicity increase 10-100 times than the older generation such as organochlorine, organophosphorus and ca...
[Oil Extraction Plant] Teaseeds Cake Extraction Equipment[ 2017-07-11]
Teaseeds Cake Extraction Equipment has these following characteristics: 1. Big moisture difference, complex contents. 2. Too much straw, easy to float when cooking. 3. Easy to clot, hard to fall down, affecting continuous...
[Oil Extraction Plant] Sub-critical Fluid Extraction Equipment[ 2017-07-11]
Sub-critical fluid extraction technology is a new extraction and separation technology by using subcritical fluid as extracting agent, based on the principle of similar miscibility of organic compounds in the pressure con...
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