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[Industry News] Henan Huatai Received Down Payment From Russian Customer Abou[ 2017-07-11]
On July 16, 2015, we received the down payment from the Russian customer ,the project is 50 tons soybean oil extraction workshop.On July 12, henan huatai cereals and oil machinery co., LTD. Signed the contract with the Ru...
[Industry News] Technology Process Of Crude Sunflower Oil Extraction[ 2017-07-11]
Sunflower seed oil, light yellow,oil clear transparent after sunflower oil dewaxing, taste light without stimulation, widely used in cooking, frying, salad dressings and margarine. sunflower seed oil is a kind of high nut...
[Industry News] Why Need Extruder In The Process Of Rice Bran Pretreatment?[ 2017-07-11]
Oilseeds extrusion use extrusion equipment puffing oilseeds process after crushing, flaking or oilseeds conversion into porous.Rice bran after extrusion, puffing material density increase, tissue was completely destroyed,...
[Industry News] Cooker Effect of Oilseeds Pretreatment For Oilseeds[ 2017-07-11]
1,Heating effect on protein Heating for protein denaturation of protein and protein is the main purpose of combined with material of other components in the reaction.Protein denaturation refers to the steaming and frying ...
[Industry News] Prief Introduce for Solvent of Oil Extraction Process[ 2017-07-11]
Usually, the solvent used for oil extraction has two main requirements :a,obtain high yield ;b, obtain the highest oil yield and finished meal after oil extraction. Other requirements is thatto try to avoid the harmful ef...
[Industry News] Why Oil Extraction By Solvent Is More Advanced Than By Pressi[ 2017-07-11]
In the industrial developed countries, edible oil production by oil extraction, accounting for over 90% of the total oil production.Now, in China, the oil extraction by solvent technology have accounted for more than 80% ...
[Industry News] Brief Introduce of Edible oil[ 2017-07-11]
Edible oil is an important and indispensable part of Peoples Daily diet, and is one of the three major nutrients for supply human body heat energy, and edible oil also is of essential fatty acid for human, an important so...
[Industry News] Rice Bran Need Extrusion and Removing Broken Rice Before Extr[ 2017-07-11]
Processed into milled rice from brown rice, at the same time rice bran get a certain amount of broken rice which is mixed, usually rice bran oil plant did not remove the broken rice, so it caused a lot of troubles for ric...
[Company News] Henan Huatai will attend the 2016 Canton Fair[ 2017-07-11]
Henan Huatai will attend the 2016 Canton Fair in Guangzhou. Date: October 15th -19th! Booth Number: 4.0E06 Welcome to Visit Us!...
[Company News] National Day[ 2017-07-11]
2016 National Day is approaching, Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co., Ltd. All my colleagues deeply grateful to you for a long time to my companys concern and support in your support and trust, we can continue to...
[Company News] Henan Huatai Will Take Part In Four International Exhibitions[ 2017-07-11]
Henan Huatai Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd.specializes in the development of the full set of oil making machine production and installation with 60 years experiences. Our palm oil machine,rice bran oil machine and ot...
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