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Cooker Effect of Oilseeds Pretreatment For Oilseeds
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Cooker Effect of Oilseeds Pretreatment For Oilseeds

Source:http://www.oilprocessmachine.comAuthor:AdminRelease time:2017-07-11 10:29

1,Heating effect on protein

Heating for protein denaturation of protein and protein is the main purpose of combined with material of other components in the reaction.Protein denaturation refers to the steaming and frying process conditions, due to protein structure destruction of billet material properties change phenomenon.Denaturation of the proteinafter condenses into solid, solubility, shaping, elastic rise, etc.Protein denaturation is very beneficial to improve the yield efficiency, because before protein denaturation , the oil is actually in emulsionform with proteins, protein denaturation solidification makes the emulsion structure damage. Heating effect of oilseeds pretreatment process makes the oil clotting and protein denaturation, volume shrinkage,reduced protein affinity of oil, increase oil outflow channels.In the process of ccoking, protein and fat, phospholipids, gossypol and sugar to produce binding reaction.Under the certain condition of cooking, one of the reasons pressed cake residual oil not drop too low that

protein and fat of lipid content combination of the strong reaction .

2,Heating effect of oil

Heating effect of oilseeds pretreatment process, making the billet temperature rise, which causes oil enhanced molecular thermal motion and molecular cohesion between weakened, reducing oilviscosity and surface tension in the green, the combination of green oil and the gel part is weaken, liquidity enhancement of oil.

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